Wednesday, March 21st, 2018

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Whats the best home teeth whitening products, system I can use to whiten teeth? How bout Laser teeth whitening?


Are professional teeth whitening products really much better than over the counter at home teeth whitening kits such as crest or rembrandt advanced whitening strips, listerine etc.?

Thank you!


9 Responses to “Whats the best home teeth whitening products, system I can use to whiten teeth? How bout Laser teeth whitening?”
  1. C729 says:

    The at home stuff doesn’t work well. You can get some take home stuff from your dentist that is awesome. If you decide to do the laser whitening at the dentist then do your research because some people have really bad side effects (horrific pain after the procedure).

  2. Team Edward <3 says:

    actually i think so but sometimes the results arre equal. for a home whitening treatment after you brush your teeth you can rinse with half water half peroxide. because peroxide is the main ingredient in most teeth whitening systems.

  3. ? ???? ? says:

    Aquafresh White Trays Pro Gentle System is pretty good stuff, especially if you have teeth sensitivity.

  4. Jan S says:

    I had the same question, and ended up buying the Crest Whitestrips.
    There’s 3 Kinds:
    Classic, Premium, and Pro Effects
    The only difference between the 3 kinds are The Premium and Pro Effets work faster, and the Pro Effects is the ‘Highest level’
    However they are also more expensive
    I got the Classic (The lowest kind) And it worked Very well for me. I noticed a hige differnce even though my teeth weren’t terrible before.
    I would hihly suggesting getting one kind of Crest Whitestrips. :)

  5. Mankind says:

    Maxodent – Whiter Brighter teeth in 7 Days

    Whiter Brighter teeth can be yours in as little as 7 days.You can expect to see initial results almost immediately. Our new teeth whitening strips can have you looking younger and feeling more sexier and attractive in just one week.

    Maxodent whitening system can restore the brilliant white colour your teeth had when you were young .Thousands of people have used our strips with outstanding results around the globe.

  6. mibale says:

    You can find reviews on all teeth whitening products at Generally, crest white strips has the best review. You’ll notice on the site that laser teeth whitening procedures such as ZOOM and Britesmile do not get great reviews.

  7. DouglasLim says:

    My cousin have tried the laser teeth whitening procedure before. She said the dentist will clean each tooth to get rid of the plaque. After that, he applied the tooth-whitening gel and use laser-light to activate it.

    Depending on the extensiveness of your tooth stains, you may need to go for repetitive sessions.

    Seems like her teeth has improved a lot. I wish I can do the same but I don’t really have the dough to do so yet.

  8. znr12 says:

    Home teeth whitening stuff:

    1. Baking soda
    2. charcoal or ashes from charcoal
    3. Salt

    Brush your teeth with 1&3 or 2&3

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