Sunday, February 25th, 2018

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What kind of teeth whitening is best?


Is teeth whitening safe? And if so, what kind is best? At home or in office?

Also about how much does it cost?


3 Responses to “What kind of teeth whitening is best?”
  1. John-Eric says:

    Rub a little pumice at your teeth, then brush your teeth normally.

  2. Erica C says:

    mush up some strawberry’s then get some baking soda and mix it to get her , dip your tooth brush the mix brush then floss and after that rinse with mouth wash

  3. Dealon Dental - Dental Supplies Online says:

    Teeth whitening can be safe if done correctly. It is important not to overdue it. The best is in the office however it is the most expensive. Check out for dental supplies online. For dental supplies wholesale on teeth whitening specifically try this out

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