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What is the best tooth whitening product?


in your opinion what is the best tooth whitening product you can buy? And how much does it cost? I dont want to waste money on stuff that doesn’t work.


6 Responses to “What is the best tooth whitening product?”
  1. iamsuicidal says:

    crest 5-minute.
    its $45. but it works!

  2. formerly_bob says:

    Rembrandt strips are incredibly effective. 10 strips that I used removed three decades of brown stain from drinking tea and colas. The dentist never came close to getting my teeth as white as the strips. I have seen on other web sites that people seem to either think these strips are fantastic or they hate them. It seems that some people end up with horizontal bands of white/ unwhitened teeth. From my experience, i am guessing that these folks did not put the strips on correctly or maybe they didn’t follow the instructions. Anyhow, a box of 5 strips costs about $25, and 5 strips can make a huge difference.

  3. clairebear0612 says:

    if you want to get your teeth whitened then the things that are for sale in the show done make much of a difference. you can get it done at your denist but it can be expencive. there are two type of whitening you can get done. one is an 1hr and a half treatment which gives an instant result and you also get bleaching trays away with you (gum shelids) with bleach so that you can top it up when you want to. thats the most expensive option. in my work it cost £460 but you dental practice may be different.
    or there is the at home bleaching which is when you get the bleaching trays made for you and get given some bleach. this one is a gradual result. that cost £280 in my work but then again may be slight different in your dentist.
    also you will have to check that your dentst does both these types of whitening. not all dentst do them. and the charges may vary!
    good luck

  4. John says:

    I’m using teeth whitening toothpaste plus a product which I found recently and they work like a charm for me. I’m using crest teeth whitening toothpaste. Also if you’re interested in the product which helped me a lot, you can have a look at the blog below:
    it won’t damage your teeth enamel. Also they have trial offer.
    Hope this helps

  5. Nayyaraa says:

    Try Crest Whitestrips. Perhaps the best teeth whitening product, Crest whitestrips use strips to bleach the teeth whiter. The strips are enamel-safe and work quickly and rapidly. You wear them for half an hour, two weeks straight. And voila – white teeth!

  6. queenie says:

    OK, how badly is your teeth stained? The answer to this question will have a bearing on the type of product you eventually choose. The best product for you is the one that you can afford and and that fits nicely into your schedule. Some products require more time than others.

    From your question, I’m assuming that you are referring to at home teeth whitening products. Your choices include:

    (1) Brush-on whitening
    (2) Strips you stick on your teeth and
    (3) Trays with bleaching gels (this is the most effective method)

    If you decide to go with the trays method, then be sure to choose one with form-fitting mouth trays that are fitted to your specific bite and use a 21% concentrated bleaching gel based on carbamide peroxide that is formulated specifically to reduce the sensitivity to your teeth and gums. (try to avoid products that contain Glycerin!) for the best results.

    You can find excellent products in the $30-$75 price range. Wishing you a brighter smile.

    P.S. Try to take advantage of free trial offers to test the product out first before making a commitment. That way if it does not work for you, then you would have lost nothing. Many online companies offer this option.

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