Monday, March 19th, 2018

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What is Britesmile teeth whitening’s effect on dental fillings?


I have an appt this monday to get my teeth whitened via Britesmile. I read that fillings do not take to the whitening. However, I have a filling in my front tooth that matches the current color of my teeth. After the whitening will my front tooth be two different colors? If this does happen is there anyway to get the filling to match the new color after the whitening?

Thanks so much!!!


2 Responses to “What is Britesmile teeth whitening’s effect on dental fillings?”
  1. andmic510 says:

    If you whiten up alot, you may have to replace the filling to match your new shade. Fillings will not change color with bleach.

  2. MrHealth says:

    yo caroline,I don’t have any personal experience in this as I got gold fillings, but I gathered some information about its effect on white fillings.

    It is possible that the use of a peroxide whitener might lighten the color of an existing white dental filling just slightly. This, however, is not a universally experienced event nor is it one that should be counted upon to occur. In fact, an absence of whitening effect on white fillings would be the event that the majority of people experience when bleaching their teeth.

    So basically you won’t really know until you have it done, and if you’re not happy with how it turns out you would have to get the fillings replaced to make them match.

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