Sunday, February 25th, 2018

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What is a good product for teeth whitening?


My teeth are kinda off-white and I want them to be whiter (like … a celebrity’s or something). Does anyone have anyy good recommendations for teeth whitening products that I could get easily?


4 Responses to “What is a good product for teeth whitening?”
  1. Cubsfan says:

    The best kind of whitner is the ones that the dentist uses. Its not so much that the whitning gel that is expensive, its getting the mold made for your teeth that costs a lot. If anyone know of some stores that possibly sell mold kits..that would be the best.

    The name of the whitner is “nitewhite” and you can look it up on the net. Its what the dentists prescribe. There are different strenghts. Some you can keep on for an hour..and some you keep on overnite.

  2. guitar lover says:

    Forget any kind of whitening strip. Although they do whiten, they weaken the enamel of your teeth and that can cause health problems later on. A while ago, when I got my braces off, my teeth weren’t as white as I wanted them to be. So every time after I brushed my teeth I put some baking soda on my brush and brushed my teeth with that. It really works and doesn’t weaken your teeth! I started noticing results within a week!

  3. healthwise357 says:

    stained teeth are caused by the food you eat and the drinks that you take in. Sometimes it would be better to use straw when drinking colas and iced tea. refraining from exposing teeth to culprits that can cause teeth to discolor will be very helpful.

    ask your dentist on the best teeth whitening systems that are appropriate for your teeth. for more tips on how to keep teeth even whiter visit

  4. James B says:

    I had problem with my teeth, like they were white but not as white as they could be plus I had some genetic blotches (white spots)

    after doing some research I found out that hydrogen peroxide (sp) is the best agent when it comes to teeth whitening – It took me awhile but I found a site offering a good price for the product if anyones interested its – I used the BASIC kit for about 12 weeks and I got 6 – 7 shades whiter and its deff noticable and the white genetic blothches have faded a lot.

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