Saturday, February 24th, 2018

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Teeth Whitening Issues?


Every day and every night, I use expensive tooth-whitening toothpaste (my dentist recommended it) and I leave it on for about 2 minutes and then spit. I don’t eat sugary food and drink but I still have yellow teeth, I cannot afford to get my teeth whitened professionaly, what do I do?


2 Responses to “Teeth Whitening Issues?”
  1. Nicole says:

    Get the tooth whitening strips that they sell they are pretty expensive (25-40$) but they are worth it. I used to use these a lot in high school and college and people would always compliment how white my teeth were. After a week you will have white teeth for sure!!

  2. Baylee Morgan says:

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    - Not just does Alta whiten your teeth, Alta White also polishes and frees your teeth of plaque which is one of the major reasons why some individuals receive tooth decay. So in the end, you’ll have whiter and healthier teeth.

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