Saturday, February 24th, 2018

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Teeth Whitening: Crest White Strips Advanced Seal


You can get these strips at pretty much any drugstore. They are very easy to use and they actually are working! They are around $48-$55 CAD at Shoppers. Enjoy :)


12 Responses to “Teeth Whitening: Crest White Strips Advanced Seal”
  1. bellame14 says:

    ur verry pretty =)

  2. trenabolx says:

    @ladjkaoz too old for you

  3. ladjkaoz says:

    hi sweety how old are u? :D

  4. skatercrazed says:

    im trying them as we are speaking :D

  5. ambersmith181 says:

    use the sensitive toothpaste with it and its not bad at all

  6. ritasbeautycentral says:

    I just finished my last strip. It took me longer time because my teeth got very sensitive and i had to stop.

  7. tessab0o says:

    did she make an update video?

  8. joshjoshjoshjoshi says:

    your vid’s are great! love them :D you deserve more succes!..

  9. Queenterrier says:

    Your new camera works really well :)

  10. ALETA337 says:

    we’ll wait the result hopfuly it gonna be better and whiter. thanks for sharing this experiment with us ^_^

  11. ritasbeautycentral says:

    yep they are actually good..but for me i gotta take breaks, caz my teeth hurt :(

  12. hsm209diva says:

    i am gonna try them out tomorrow!!

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