Sunday, February 25th, 2018

but, I learned that freshly cleaned teeth work better with the Zoom. Otherwise, you're literally whitening plaque (gross). Emerging mostly unscathed …
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Would going to a place be the best outcome? And how much would it cost? Lastly, does the teeth whitening remove ALL spots and makes all your teeth exceptionally white or is it still noticeably yellow and gross? Thanks!

hi i was thinking about getting my teeth whitened. cause the dentist in ireland does them very cheap 30€ and i was wondering does it hurt to get it done?

I’m going on holiday for a few months to thailand would it be a good idea to get my teeth whitened there as ive heard that it is cheap and where i live its very expensive (uk) many thanks

Im thinking of going to a dentist and getting my teeth whitened. What do you think?

So I can’t be bothered paying almost 250 pounds to get my teeth whitened , so I was wondering if you guys had any natural remedies?

I would like to get teeth whitening done , and there are so many different kinds of teeth whitening which is the best and how much will i expect to pay?

So I am getting my braces off in like a week or so and I was wondering how soon after they are off am I able to get my teeth whitened? I have to leave school to get them off and then go back. But I don’t want to go back with the marks on [...]

How much is it to get your teeth whitened? I live in Northern California. Which system is the best?

So I have a cousin my age, and she ALWAYS gets her teeth whitened at the dentist. Isn’t it expensive?

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