Saturday, February 24th, 2018

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Patient Comfort ~ Brian S. Nylaan, DDS


patient comfort Dental comfort Brian S. Nylaan, DDS


4 Responses to “Patient Comfort ~ Brian S. Nylaan, DDS”
  1. 16furrypaws says:

    Our office offers all? of these “extras” to help put our patients at ease. A more relaxed patient is a happy patient. A comfortable patient is a happy patient. Our dental office delivers high quality care, with the most up to date equipment, products, services and a caring dental team. ~ Kris Nylaan, C.D.A., R.D.A.

  2. Mofify Farwa says:

    there are better way to make patient likes you and your office. The most important thing is to respect the patient and show that you have the knowledge and confidence to treat his or her pain

  3. Mofify Farwa says:

    Well I am a dentist and these babying things are not practical because there is no need for all that stuff to make the patient feel good it is actually your work afterwards. In other words if you did all that to a patient then his tooth hurt him he will forget all about that and come and shout on you. So it is just? a waist of time. If I went to a dentist and was treated like a baby I will assume that there is some thing wrong and they want to cover it.

  4. inkey2 says:

    dentist offices are so different now than when I was a kid in the late 1950s early 60s. The very last thing on a dentists mind back then was “patient comfort”. Offices? looked like torture chambers

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