Sunday, February 25th, 2018

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I just used a non-name brand teeth whitening kit and I have white spots on my teeth?


I just finished using meijer brand one hour teeth whitening kit and all it seemed to do was the make the spots on my teeth that have weaker enamel, like the bottoms, be super white and the rest is basically the same as before. What do I do?! Like how can I fix it?


6 Responses to “I just used a non-name brand teeth whitening kit and I have white spots on my teeth?”
  1. Ash W says:

    This same thing happened to me. I got my teeth whitened when I was younger and had just gotten my braces off. The spots where there was still a little bit of glue/cement stuff from sticking the braces on stayed the same color, and the rest whitened. It went away pretty much the next day. I wouldn’t worry about it unless it lasts, I’d say just brush really well,

  2. tribalmisfits says:

    That can be due to the strips or trays not contouring to your teeth and only contacting your teeth in some places and not equally on all of the surfaces of your teeth. I wouldn’t worry too much it will fade pretty fast. Your teeth will always look their whitest right after you bleach them.
    Hope this helps

  3. Zippy P says:

    It could be because of a few reasons. Go see a dentist.

  4. Robert G says:

    the white spots on ur teeth will gradually decrese over time. When i was around 14 my dentist said it is common to have them from a fall when you were younger when the teeth are still in the gums. He said they just have to get a knock at that age and it happens. He told me when i was 18 he could take them away if i wanted, although they will probably just go away themselevs by that age. He also said many people dont mind them and just leave them.

  5. HappilyEverAfter says:

    You should talk to a dentist about it because it might be too much floiride in your system ( usually with babies ). Or it could just be your enamel. The white spotting is not a regular thing that happens with regular use of white strips. But the problem is that they are just so general that they might do your teeth more harm than help. Good luck & take care of yourself.

  6. Jason Stiller says:

    This is a common question. and the answer they all get is “go see a dentist, they’ll know what to do.”

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