Sunday, February 25th, 2018

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How to whiten teeth in Photoshop | tutorial


This Photoshop tutorial explores how to use the Dodge and Sponge tools to brighten and whiten teeth. Watch more at This specific tutorial is just a single movie from chapter twelve of the Photoshop CS5: Portrait Retouching course presented by author Chris Orwig. The complete Photoshop CS5: Portrait Retouching has a total duration of 11 hours and 2 minutes, and explores the deep resources for portrait retouching available in this program, while inspiring photographers to do their creative best with everything from blemishes to backdrops. Photoshop CS5: Portrait Retouching table of contents: Welcome 1. Getting Started 2. Basic Color Correction 3. Color-Correcting Skin Tones 4. Reducing Blemishes and Cleaning Up in Adobe Camera Raw 5. Reducing Blemishes and Cleaning Up in Photoshop 6. Cleanup Project 7. Correcting Tone 8. Reducing and Removing Wrinkles 9. Enhancing Eyes 10. Enhancing Eyelashes and Eyebrows 11. Improving Lips 12. Enhancing Teeth 13. Improving Hair 14. Improving Makeup 15. Enhancing Skin 16. Softening Skin in Practice 17. Making Body Improvements 18. Structural Image Enhancements 19. Retouching Workflow: Project 1 20. Retouching Workflow: Project 2 Conclusion


4 Responses to “How to whiten teeth in Photoshop | tutorial”
  1. Loise Michel says:

    Hi! thank you for this helpful video. By the way, I hear lots of people keep on talking about natural teeth whitening treatment known as Zumlaxteeth Secrets (do a search on google), but I’m not sure if it is good. Have you tried Zumlaxteeth Secrets? I’ve heard several awesome things about it and my work buddy finally break free from her yellow teeth, using it, but she refuses to tell me :( ?

  2. striffy says:

    Nice, and very easy? thanks

  3. asderso says:

    Thank you so much, works? waaay.. .better then the wand tool and then the hue/saturation work !!

  4. vsolomito says:

    very good.? thank you.

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