Tuesday, March 20th, 2018

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easy ways to whiten teeth at home?


i don’t want to go out and buy teeth whitening products because they can be painful for people who have sensitive teeth (my teeth are very sensitive). any ways to make my teeth more white at home? btw i brush my teeth regularly.


3 Responses to “easy ways to whiten teeth at home?”
  1. Hardcore Raver says:

    poor a dime sized ammount of baking soda into your hand, get your tooth brush wet, dab it in the baking soda and brush. its an old wifes tale which works. just dont use it too often or it will thin out the enamel on your teeth

  2. shorty7667 says:

    Proxide works great. But tastes horrible.
    Just dont swallow it.

  3. Ana Nevada says:

    Using lemon juice is one of the natural teeth whitening tips. It is found that lemon juice can work well for teeth whitening. In this very short article we will discuss the effect of lemon juice on tooth enamel. Take a small quantity of lemon juice and some quantity of table salt. Mix them well to make a paste. Now just apply this paste on your toothbrush and brush your teeth as you normally do. This will remove the tartar from your teeth effectively and you will get the whiter teeth after using this remedy. You can use this home teeth whitening remedy, but not so often. If you will use this remedy for longer period of time, you will end up with badly affected teeth enamel. I think if you use this once in every two weeks, then it will not be an issue. The regular use of this remedy is not recommended.

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