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Does regular toothpaste whiten teeth?


Does regular toothpaste (not whitening toothpaste) whiten teeth?


One Response to “Does regular toothpaste whiten teeth?”
  1. freeman says:

    as Salamo alaykom

    may ways are used for teeth whitening.

    -chemically : hydrogen peroxide , is applied directly on teeth, then activated by special light exposure.
    -physically : by removal of external stains,with the abrasive effect of some materials

    some toothpastes have both effects,but hydrogen peroxide does not affect too much in tooth pastes,because its concentration is too low comparing to direct hydrogen peroxide gel,which has high concentration,with stronger effect.

    also, the physical effect of tooth paste is not as effective as the physical ( abrasive ) effect of the Paumice,that is used in dental offices, to removal external stains

    so , teeth whitening tooth pastes can be used to maintain the effect of teeth whitening done by other ways

    good luck

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