Sunday, February 25th, 2018

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does it hurt to get your teeth whitened?


hi i was thinking about getting my teeth whitened. cause the dentist in ireland does them very cheap 30€ and i was wondering does it hurt to get it done?


3 Responses to “does it hurt to get your teeth whitened?”
  1. Seths Mom says:

    It shouldn’t hurt but if you have real sensitive teeth they might be a little more sensitive for a few days, but no pain :)

  2. Milashka says:

    NO, it does not hurt to get your teeth whitened. When you get them whitened, all they do to you is take a “rubber” type ball about the size of half the size of a pea, stick it on the end of a drill, put some special cream on it, and run it through all of your teeth. This can be compared to brushing your teeth, and feels very similarly. It actually works similarly also, just the chemical used whitens teeth much better than toothpaste. It does not hurt whatsoever. However, if you have very bad cavities, and it hurts to even touch your teeth, then of course it will hurt, other than that, no. Go to the dentist, get your teeth whitened, and enjoy your shiny white smile :)

  3. mibale says:

    Though there is lot of expectations from a professional teeth whitening procedure, there is no one single whitening system which has proved to be effective for all cases.

    A dentist and your needs together is the best judge for it.

    So it is always preferable that you choose a best dentist and allow him to decide on which tooth whitening system would work best on you rather than yourself choosing a whitening system.

    The results too vary depending on the present state of your teeth.

    However do note that Irrespective of the method adopted, you are using a bleach formula on your teeth, which can be uncomfortable if used in a improper manner.

    The intensity of reaction to any teeth whitening method depends on 3 things

    Genetics, Bleach Stability and Acidic reaction.

    The minute dentinal tubules inside the teeth consists of a fluid and the movement of these fluids is what causes sensitivity. Usually the outer holes of these tubules are plugged by the Saliva. However the bleaching agents tend to dissolve these plugs and thereby causing the fluids to move inside the tubules and cause sensitivity.

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