Sunday, February 25th, 2018

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Do you have any teeth whitening suggestions?


i just got my braces off. but i want to whiten my teeth. fast, easy,simple, and inexpensive. are there any suggestions?


2 Responses to “Do you have any teeth whitening suggestions?”
  1. Bee-renda says:

    Crest White strips. They’re not really expensive and I’ve tried other things but Crest White Strips were the best. Don’t get the 5 minute ones either they don’t work.

  2. healthwise357 says:

    consult a dental expert before choosing an at-home teeth whitening system that has quality ingredients that can deliver safe and effective whiter teeth results in just a matter of time.

    discolored and stained teeth are caused by the food you eat and the drinks that you take in. be wary that the most common culprits that can stain teeth are colas, coffee, tea, chocolates, sauces, plum, red wine, etc. try to avoid these culprits if you want to maintain white teeth.

    the use of straw when drinking colas and iced tea will be much helpful. for more tips on how to whiten teeth visit

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