Saturday, February 24th, 2018

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Do teeth whitening strips make decalcification spots brighter permanently?


I used a Crest Teeth Whitening strip for the first time and I have a few decalcification spots on my teeth, and when I took it off it had made the spots a lot brighter. Will they keep getting brighter? How long till they start to not really stand out?


2 Responses to “Do teeth whitening strips make decalcification spots brighter permanently?”
  1. Roberto Diaz says:

    The teeth should be getting whiter, not the decalcification spots..

  2. Nick Manison says:

    Hi demeyer15

    Usually when you applied the Teeth Whitening strip will help you whiten your teeth for around 2 weeks or so, and you need to consistently using it. You can read through the instruction guide that will clearly tell you how often you need to use to maintain whiten teeth!

    Teeth whitening strip usually whiten the whole teeth instead of just the decalcification spots. Make sure you follow through the instructions as you definitely don’t want either over use as it will damage your enamel.

    Hope that’s help and you can learn more teeth whitening tips from my resource box for your own information.


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