Sunday, February 25th, 2018

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Can anyone recommend a good home teeth whitening kit?


I have yellow teeth and I really want to whiten them. I can’t afford professional whitening so I was hoping for a good home teeth whitening option. I have tried Crest white strips and they suck. Any recommendations?


7 Responses to “Can anyone recommend a good home teeth whitening kit?”
  1. HappilyEverAfter says:

    This isn’t an overnight fix, but brush your teeth with a paste made of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda and that should do a better job than most whitening toothpastes.

  2. Jillian says:

    I had your same problem. My issue was my teeth got too sensitive and nothing I tried worked until I found this site: It’s different from the other stuff out there. It’s a pen, you apply it, wait a few minutes then move on with your life (and enjoy whiter teeth of course). It doesn’t cause sensitivity and you don’t have to mold trays to fill with nasty gel and sit there forever. It seriously worked fast and I wish I hadn’t wasted all that money on other stuff. Hope this helps!

  3. Limmy says:

    Start using some “extra whitening” toothpaste, such as arm and hammer.
    I also found some “U Smile” which you just pop the cap off, and rub it on your teeth. (rather inexpensive, about $5, goes on sale a lot for about $3 )
    I had the problem of stained teeth from tea and coffee, and I know this helped me a lot. As well as my friend whose teeth were ORANGE, she used the same method and her teeth are starting to become very light yellow, and almost white.

  4. iamobsessive says:

    It is always advisable to use the home based kit only as a follow up to the professional whitening treatment if you want to have the best possible results. Otherwise, you will only get a lukewarm effect and risk getting gum irritation and teeth sensitiveness.

    You can read here is some easy and affordable tips for teeth whitening:

  5. Mike Saha says:

    Try Sparkle White.

    Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie use it. This is 5 stars & you can get free trial too

    If this is good, just continue

  6. Sarah says:

    Have you tried free samples of teeth whitening products? Order one online and see if the results are good. Samples are good to try before purchase.
    Here are some websites for teeth whitening products I found.

  7. Leanna says:

    I tried for a long time to get white teeth. I finally found a site to get the products dentists use without having to spend hundreds of dollars and it actually works.

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