Saturday, February 24th, 2018

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Best way to get your teeth whitened? ?


Would going to a place be the best outcome? And how much would it cost? Lastly, does the teeth whitening remove ALL spots and makes all your teeth exceptionally white or is it still noticeably yellow and gross? Thanks!


2 Responses to “Best way to get your teeth whitened? ?”
  1. Doug says:

    Maybe u should brush your teeth

  2. Elizabeth H says:

    Going to a dentist is your best option. Tooth whitening will only whiten your teeth if they don’t have a lot of stains. If you have a lot of yellowing from any tobacco use, it may have turned into an internal stain. If your teeth have a lot of hardened plaque (called calculus) you need to have a complete oral prophylaxis first or the teeth whitening will do nothing. You can also do at home teeth whitening over the counter treatments, but they may not be very successful.

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