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I’m going on holiday for a few months to thailand would it be a good idea to get my teeth whitened there as ive heard that it is cheap and where i live its very expensive (uk) many thanks

Best At Home Tooth Whitening I can't smile without having you around. Without those perfect white teeth, you cannot smile. A Perfect teeth is only for …
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what is the best teeth whitening system you have used (ex crest strips, go smile, rembrandt, blue light…etc) why did you choose it over another brand

Dr. Tom Drummond, dentist in Fairfax, VA, helps patients smile with confidence through the availability of a spring teeth whitening special at …
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You can find some great deals here:
Didn\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’t I tell ya?

i have really stained teeth from drinking a lot of pops and i did not develp a brushing and flossing habbit when i was a kid. i tried used whiten strips, but they dont seem to made a lot of difference and they gave sensitive teeth. i just wanna know are there other good and [...]

My teeth aren’t a disgusting yellow, but they could definitely use some whitening. I figured I would try some home remedies first before going out and buying expensive teeth whitening products. What are some things I could try?
I heard putting extra virgin olive oil on a make up pad and rubbing it on your [...]

Teeth whitening can be a very conservative and cost-effective way to dramatically improve a smile. There are many products that can be purchased …
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i don’t want to go out and buy teeth whitening products because they can be painful for people who have sensitive teeth (my teeth are very sensitive). any ways to make my teeth more white at home? btw i brush my teeth regularly.

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