Monday, April 23rd, 2018

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HAPPY DENT TEETH WHITENING GUM, “Happy Dent Palace”, India, McCann Erickson (Mumbai)

Rockstar white teeth whitening – You can do the treatment easily and you will only need several minutes to do that with this rockstar white whitening home…/75
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New York Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Gregg Lituchy, the dentist behind the famously great smiles of Heidi Klum, Gisele Bündchen, and Cindy Crawford, discusses the difference between over the counter teeth whitening products and professional power bleaching to whiten teeth.

The most used material in teeth whitening is hydrogen peroxide. The LED light accelerates the peroxide molecule & fasts up the whitening process. Dentists use…/93713062_hydrogen-peroxide-teeth-whitening…
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Quality teeth whitening from Vivastyle Paint-on plus is a safe, effective, pioneering and innovative tray-free home teeth whitening kit with maximum comfort. Please visit http for more info and details

You might think that the only way to get a pearly white and bright smile is if you pay $1000+ for teeth whitening procedures at expensive cosmetic dentistry offices. The truth is that if you care about what you eat and how you eat it, you are going to …See all stories on this topic [...]

What is the best teeth whitening for discoloration caused by drinking tea and coffee etc (not smoking though, if that makes a difference). Please state if you know from personal experience or if you heard about it.

A husband-and-wife team of New York University Dental School graduates is opening a dental "spa" that they tout as New York City's only dental office that offers just teeth whitening and cleaning. The founders of Lavaan—which means “white” in …See all stories on this topic »
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It is a very effective process to make teeth whiter, but if you overuse this method it can increase the porous nature of your tooth enamel. This can also leave your ……
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