Thursday, April 26th, 2018

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I’ve been using Crest 3D tooth paste but haven’t seen the results I’m looking for. I’ve also used the Rembrandt two hour whitening kit. Visible results, but I don’t think my teeth are as white as they can be.
What are some great whitening products? I can’t afford to go to the dentist, so professional [...]

There was also jewelry by Chloe + Isabel, Julep's toxin-free nail polish & mani/pedi products, and chemical free products such as make-up, teeth whitening tools and tanning treatments from Australia-based Vani-T. Artisan Group gave out tote bags …See all stories on this topic »
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When it comes to beauty, teeth are just as important to looking and feeling great as your cosmetics and beauty routine. Having great looking, white teeth can ……/teeth-whitening-kit-from-whitening-lig…
View full post on Google Alerts – teeth whitening Glendale Dentist, Dr. Kamran Sahabi, talks about laser teeth whitening. Teeth whitening procedures used to be painful and required patients to come for more than one visit. Today, the laser teeth whitening procedure takes care of your teeth with just one visit. This dental procedure offers advantages over standard tooth whitening procedures. Dr. Kamran [...]

If you smoke, you need to stop if you want your smile to be bright. It is pointless to spend money on teeth whitening products if you continue smoking.…
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In an effort to improve the appearance of their teeth, many people would like to give at home teeth whitening products a try. But since there are so many brands that all claim to do a great job making teeth look better, it can be confusing to know …See all stories on this topic »
View [...] – At the cosmetic dentistry practice of Dr. Thomas Marxen, patients from Seattle and nearby areas can dramatically whiten their smiles in only two hours. The Zoom®! teeth whitening procedure is pain free, and patients can simply relax and watch a movie in the treatment chair while they brighten their smiles. To learn more, [...]

Handle any emergency with Howcast’s First Aid app – Learn about affordable teeth whitening procedures in this dental care video. Expert: Shane Methal, DDS Video transcript: Hi, my name is Dr. Shane Methal, here at Greene Street Dental in SoHo, New York. I’ve been in private practice both in Maryland and consequently back in [...]

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