Monday, April 23rd, 2018

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Opalescence Whitener 35% MINT flavor
Each syringe 1.2 ml

Product DescriptionOpalescence 35% 4 syringes whitening gel…. More >>
Opalescence Pf 35% Teeth Whitening 4 pk

Asking does NuWhite teeth whitening gel work well to whiten your teeth from home ? READ THIS Nu White Review before you buy tooth whitener products in UK, …
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The options for teeth whitening are many. I’ve tried several with only limited results. I’m looking to hear from someone who has either found a really effective teeth whitening system they applied at home, or went to a dentist and had another procedure that hopefully was not too expensive.
I’m looking to [...]

Delivers Professional Teeth Whitening Results at Home
Applies In Seconds: Safe and Easy-to-Use
Uses a Unique Teeth Whitening Gel
No Messy Strips
Noticeably Whiter Teeth in as Little as Six Days

Product DescriptionDo you crave a brighter, whiter smile? Have you tried dozens of teeth whitening products with no luck whatsoever? Is costly Dental Teeth Whitening just too far out [...]

From Mobile teeth whitening to veneers, patients have the opportunity to talk with Dr. Southall and review various cosmetic procedures of their choice. After the free cosmetic consultation patients can either make an appointment to complete their …See all stories on this topic »
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5-minute, once-a-day whitening that protects from everyday stain build-up
Removes daily stain build-up from coffee, wine, smoking and more
Enamel safe and easy application, same whitening ingredient dentists use
The #1 dentist-recommended brand
Removes up to 90% of surface stains for a whiter smile

Product DescriptionGive your teeth a whitening boost while protecting against new stains with Crest 3D White [...]

Carrying on from the last point laser teeth whitening is often quick and painless – which is exactly why most people who are petrified at the option of …
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Tobacco products can cause cavities, nicotine stomatitis or other adverse effects, such as xerostomia. Find out how tobacco can stain the teeth with information from a dental hygienist in this free video on oral hygiene and teeth whitening. Expert: Jennifer Salamin Bio: Jennifer Salamin has been working as a dental hygienist for seven years. She [...]

Teeth whitening was the procedure of choice. "I'm not surprised that a brighter smile is on the top of people's wish list," said Dr. Sam Muslin, whose work has been featured on the Emmy-winning TV show "The Doctors" and TLC's "10 Years Younger" and in …See all stories on this topic »
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Keeping clear braces clear requires getting the O-bands changed out once a month, brushing with hydrogen peroxide and brushing with a baking soda paste. Avoid a yellow tinge to clear braces by keeping them clean with tips from a licensed dental assistant in this free video on oral hygiene. Expert: Michelle McPhail Contact: Bio: [...]

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